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Our Vision

How do we achieve the ultimate performance that a human body or an object is capable of? How do we identify any injury or failure before it happens? Being able to train or recover at one’s best, or to perfectly analyze the performance of a structure, requires visualizing, with extremely precise measurement in time and space, the entire body as a system.

Up until now, not one technology could solve this problem. Wrist-top devices and heart rate straps capture isolated quantitative data, but they can’t track the body’s position and movement as well as critical vital signs such as respiration and heart rate, at the exact same time.

Measuring what really matters, simultaneously on the whole body and over a long period of time, enables data analysis that leads to the prediction of structural failures, whether an injury to a leg or the rupture of a pipe

With Cipher Skin’s technology, the users see the interactions between components, rather than just isolated parts. Based on objective and authentic data, they can make the decisions that are best adapted to their situation.

Our Story

Craig and Phil – the two cofounders – met in Baghdad when serving for the US Armed Forces.

After his career in special operations, Phillip had sustained everything from blast injuries to a broken pelvis and femur. He woke up each day in pain and couldn’t train consistently without being set back by an injury. He had lost much of his strength and endurance.

Craig started training Phillip in the gym, and within six months he was back to running sub 5-minute miles and deadlifting triple his own bodyweight without pain. This kind of transformation is extremely rare for people who don’t have professional one-on-one coaching.

Phillip and Craig began thinking about how this process could be scaled to allow thousands of people to experience the equivalent of a seasoned coach watching them and providing feedback in real time.

Their wish? Put a team of experts into everyone’s pocket.

Current technology could not solve this problem. So they decided to build theirs, and began Cipher Skin’s incredible adventure.

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