Cipher Skin™

Turn The World Into Data

Cipher Skin is an idea as old as biology: A sensing skin attached to a nervous system. Cipher Skin can be used not only to enhance data capture from the human body, but to give the built world the ability to generate data that, piped to the Cipher Cloud, reports on status and points to areas of potential failure.


Bio App

Decode performance and build personalized biosignal profiles

Cipher Skin is building the world’s only motion and biosignal interactions data set to reveal an individual’s stress, fatigue, recovery, and peak performance profiles.

Industrial app

Know your complex industrial system in 4 dimensions and prevent catastrophic failure

Cipher Skin’s Industrial Sleeve product can conform to any object, measure multiple key metrics simultaneously, building an ever-expanding longitudinal data set from which, we can identify leading indicators of structural failure.



CIPHER SKIN wraps the physical world in a sensor mesh that abstracts objects into cylinders and flat surfaces, and measures their movement. The data generated by CIPHER SKIN creates a Digital Mirror of the behavior of those cylinders and surfaces, from the human body to the built world. The Digital Mirror uncovers the interaction of movement and additional data points and creates a real-time visual representation of the object.


We have a specific philosophy about motion and the physical world.

The physical world is full of data that is either not measured directly or not measured at all. We aim to change all of that. The first step is explaining our theories and showing you how we put them into practice.

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