Sweltering temperatures are unavoidable risks in sports competitions and training environments. Yet, athletes’ prolonged exposure to heat may lead to injury and cause heat stroke – a life-threatening condition – whose early warning signs can be subtle.

Athlete safety monitoring and early detection of thermal injuries are critical to workout performance. To ensure healthy training environments, the control of temperature extremes – although unrealistic – should be of primary concern to professional sports clubs. However, the latter can ensure athletes’ safety by continuously monitoring their status in real time.

Cipher Skin BioHelmet is a passive monitoring device that prevents thermal injuries by detecting deviations from a predetermined temperature range of the athlete and notifying them in real time with a light signal.

All data is transmitted wirelessly to an application that allows trainers and coaches to visualize in real time the deviations of the athlete’s temperature as well as ambient temperature inside the helmet.

Cipher Skin BioHelmet protects the athlete from hyperthermia and hypothermia – both diagnosable from a safe temperature threshold set by medical staff.


  • Full protection of the user from hyperthermia and hypothermia
  • Real-time monitoring of temporal temperature deviation
  • Early detection and warning of impending danger to athletes, trainers and coaches
  • Quick and easy installation on the hard hat
  • No noticeable difference in wearability for the wearer

Technical Specifications

  • Easy-to-install retrofit kit 
  • Thermal sensors
  • Rechargeable power supply
  • Red/green LED display
  • Onboard processor and memory with BTLE and Wifi enablement
  • 12-hour storage

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